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"I have been on three tours with JoyRides. The organization with everything from tour guides to service was very good. You will get a lot of highlights and experiences on a JoyRides tour, something that is very difficult to get on private tours. My highlights: Meeting Willy G. on the street in Daytona, seeing the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley with my own eyes, and much more. I can warmly recommend JoyRides and their tours and will travel with them again."

- Jørn Willy Jensen

"Driving my own mc customized for my wishes, on fantastic roads with a knowledgeable and experienced guide was a memory of my life! We'll be back for more adventurous tours! Great service and information regarding the tour, overnight stays and the tour route."

-Wenche Nordtvedt

"In the autumn of 2013, our dream came true, and we got to drive Route 66 in America. Already at check-in at Gardermoen, we felt that JoyRides was a good choice. We met experienced guides who did everything to ensure that we had the best possible experience. The tour offered spectacular sights, magnificent nature, and socializing with other motorcycle enthusiasts. JoyRides' guides were always at the forefront, and everything was well arranged. We got memories and friends for life on this trip. We can safely recommend JoyRides as a tour organizer to everyone we know! "

- Gunn Jensen & Johnny Haldansen

"We went from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66 with Joyrides. Route 66 (The "mother road") means that you get to experience a cross-section of America, and to do it on a motorcycle is a fantastic experience. With a road captain in the lead as first MC, (which is not so with similar companies) and who has a lot of history to tell about the places you pass, make the trip extra special. The whole trip was well planned with travel time,  pauses to stretch your legs, and to get something cold to drink from the "kiosk". Decide quickly and book a tour with Joyrides. You will not regret it!"

- Lars Gunnar & Sola Widell

"In August 2013, we participated in the Dream Tour "Wild West" with JoyRides. And the dream was delivered exactly as promised. 4200 eventful kilometers on a Harley Davidson Electra Glide with my wife as a passenger. The JoyRides team had obviously done thorough preparations. Due to the guide's reliable and trustworthy effort for participants to have an optimal experience, the tour was a 17-day continuous highlight experience. We would like to thank JoyRides for an unforgettable trip and we can highly recommend this tour operator."

- Anna and Olav Hovda

"July 2013 started my wife Turi and I on a 17-day adventure tour in the US with JoyRides. Let it be said at once, that the trip exceeded all our expectations. We started the tour in Los Angeles and had positive experiences every day that will be remembered for a long time. JoyRides delivered a program that was well-prepared and of high quality. We have a Wild West journey that we gladly recommend to everyone. Take the trip, you will definitely not regret it! "

-Turi & Ove Thunes

"We chose JoyRides and their Wild West - Dream Tour for our Anniversary tour in 2014. We fell for JoyRides' enthusiasm and passion to deliver unforgettable tour adventures and memories for life. Our impression is that they are thorough and competent, with good knowledge of driving routes, stops, attractions, and fun motorcycle roads on the tours they offer. The Wild West tour has everything we look for, spectacular scenery, great cities, fun attractions, and amazing motorcycle roads. We can not wait to go on tour with JoyRides."

- Siw M Kristoffersen

"We had the pleasure of driving Route 66 with JoyRides. For us, it was an experience of a lifetime! With a strong focus on experiencing as much of Route 66 as possible, combined with a focus of just to enjoy ourselves on the tour. A New tour is booked with JoyRides!"

- Kirsti and Ole K Nordli

"I had a wonderful experience touring with JoyRides. The tour leaders created an atmosphere of well-being and experience throughout the tour because of their good knowledge of Route  66, which created a good framework for experiencing attractions.  It was nice just to lean back on my bike and experience the present, without having to make my own decisions on the choice of driving routes or stops. This gave me the experience I was looking for. Ride my bike, be present in the moment, together and get to know each other during fantastic experiences"

-Thomas Berg