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About Us

We offer Car & Motorcycle Tours

JoyRides Tours stands as one of the world's premier car and motorcycle tour operators. Our passion lies in navigating the winding back roads, cultivating lifetime memories, and fostering enduring friendships. With unwavering dedication, we've poured our hearts into crafting the most exhilarating and enjoyable tours on the market, complete with the finest driving roads and vibrant adventures. Your satisfaction is our paramount concern, and we commit to doing everything within our means to ensure you have the ultimate touring experience. At JoyRides, our focus revolves around our customers, guided by the mantra: "Realizing dreams and creating lifetime memories!"


Authorized Touring Specialist

JoyRides takes pride in being the exclusive Nordic tour operator authorized by the second-largest Motorcycle Rental Company in the United States. This distinction ensures that every time you book a tour with us, you'll receive a top-notch, meticulously maintained motorcycle with 24/7 roadside assistance across the United States. Our commitment extends to providing you with the market's premier selection of motorcycles, including renowned brands and models such as Harley Davidson, Indian, Honda Goldwing, BMW RT/GS, and Kawasaki.

Rest assured, our goal is to offer you the ultimate tour experience, tailored to your preferences, and all on your favorite motorcycle!

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US National Park License

JoyRides Tours proudly stands as the sole tour operator in the Nordic countries to hold a US national park license. This distinctive accreditation underscores our commitment to providing unique and unparalleled experiences within the world's most renowned natural treasures. With this exclusive license, we have the privilege of offering our travelers unparalleled access to international national parks, ensuring a level of exploration and appreciation that goes beyond the ordinary.

As the only tour operator in the Nordic region with this license, JoyRides Tours takes great pride in curating journeys that not only showcase the breathtaking beauty of these protected landscapes but also adhere to the highest standards of environmental stewardship. This distinction reinforces our dedication to delivering exceptional adventures while maintaining a deep respect for the preservation and conservation of the natural wonders we are privileged to explore. Choose JoyRides Tours for a truly extraordinary and responsibly managed experience in international national parks.