We will always give you a



For our US tours, most of our expenses are in US Dollars and that’s why our prices are in USD. We want you to have predictability when ordering your dream tour: We guarantee that your payment in USD stays fixed in US Dollars.

Not only do we guarantee that the price you purchase in USD will remain fixed, but we also guarantee the best tour experience in the market. We also guarantee that we will match any price on a comparable tour of our competitors.

At JoyRides we keep our promises. Therefore, we have no hidden costs or fees. Several of our competitors have additional costs/prices such as “Food & Entertainment” package, petrol costs, entrance to national parks, costs for pictures/CDs from the tour, currency and price adjustments etc. which they add on to the price after you have booked the tour. And that’s going to cost you thousands of dollars extra. We have no hidden costs or surprises. Besides food and drinks, everything is included in the tour price.

You Get What You Pay For – Guaranteed!